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Full range of Services

With qualifications and experience covering a range of topics, issues and techniques, you will be able to find what's right for you at Open Minds.  If you are unsure what treatment could work for you, or you would simply like a better understanding of your options, then feel free to get in touch to arrange a consultation.  Our services are also available via Skype where needed.

We have three key areas of service at Open Minds.  Click to read more.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy.  In contrast to other forms of psychotherapy, CBT is usually more focused on the present, more limited in duration, and more problem-solving oriented,  It aims to take, what seems to be, and overwhelming problem and break it down into smaller, more manageable parts,  It is based around the premise that the content and quality of our thoughts affect how we feel and how we behave.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is £40 per session


The counselling process is best explained in the simplicity of dialogue.  Dialogue involves the counselor and client in a relationship that is free from judgment on the counselor's part.

It involved honest communication, cooperation and collaboration from both parties, and the dialogue begins around the issues brought to the counseling.  Counselling seeks to help you explore and understand your challenge, adding context and perspective, allowing you to find a way through.  Don't suffer in silence - talking help.

Counseling sessions cost £35

Life Coaching

At times, everyone can lose their way a little bit, and life can seem monotonous and demotivating.  It's at this point that an external perspective can help to shine a light on your abilities and future potential.

Life coaching at Open minds involves finding, setting and working towards goals to enable you to achieve happiness, fulfillment, purpose and creating a life you love.  Common side effects of Life Coaching include; increased confidence, increased self-esteem, personal development and improved well being!

Life Coaching Sessions cost £35